Hartley + Purdy Architecture, Inc.

I always wanted to be an Architect!

As architects, we are often surprised at the reaction we get when we tell people what we do, their eyes wide open as the dream of what that might mean. They often tell us, “I always wanted to be an Architect!” Even Seinfeld’s George Costanza said so. The combination of the artistic expression of dreams and ideas, coupled with the systematic organizational skills we display on a daily basis, is what makes architecture an interesting and desirable profession.

Fourteen years after launching Hartley + Purdy Architecture Inc. in 1999, we have decided to reformat our company website and begin to create a blog. It is our goal to share with you all aspects of the architecture profession – our work, our process, our thoughts, our challenges, our jobs, our ideas, and everything that compels people to say, “I always wanted to be an Architect!”